Saturday, February 3, 2018

Okay... updates

  1. Yes, M and I are still together. We've moved from our doorman building to our own home in the same neighborhood. We also have a live-in girlfriend, Kate, that we share. She's been with us for almost 3 years now. It's complicated, yet simple. We love our lifestyle. 
  2. Keith and I do not fuck anymore. Having a relationship with him became too complicated and exhausting. We're still friends, we see each other socially on occasion, but nothing sexual at all. 
  3. Craigslist. Ugh. What a waste of internet space that's turned into. I can't even remember the last time I hooked up from there.
  4. Dan happily found himself a husband. We're still friends, but no longer fuck buddies. 
  5. Miles.  This. So much. It was an incredible journey for all three of us. Miles moved in with us in June of 2010. We tried so hard to have a baby. I even conceived 5 times, and lost those 5 babies. I gave up on hope, and had my tubes tied. Miles tried to hold on to the passion, but no longer felt the primal urges that had drawn us together, and we drifted apart. He moved out, but close buy, and we remained friends for a while, but it was too difficult. I wish him well in his journey.
  6. Cal and I still have a casual relationship that we enjoy.
  7. Missy of Missy and Neil turned out to be a huge cunt, and he turned into a pussy. Good riddance.
  8. My Sweet Melissa got married recently, and is very faithful to her husband. I don't fault her for it at all, but I do miss her terribly. We've been unable to maintain a non-sexual friendship, and I have to respect her wishes as much as it breaks my heart to not have her in my life.
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Who knew my dear readers still existed?

Yes, I'm still here, and still living decadently. Barebacking my way through life, and loving it. I'll try to be a better kitten and post again. Love, Bareback Grrl

Friday, January 14, 2011

Coffee With Melissa

It had been a while since I saw Melissa. Against my better judgment, about a year ago we did some business together, and it panned out as poorly as I expected. Melissa didn't speak to me for months about it. Despite that, I missed her terribly. We had a long, and wonderful history together, and I didn't want to lost that over a bad business decision. I called her and told her this, and how much having her out of my life hurt. I missed her friendship and everything we shared, and honestly, Readers, the sexual part of our friendship was just a bonus. She was open to meeting for coffee.

Nervously, I entered the coffee shop. I was early because I didn't want to risk being late and have her think I wasn't coming. My nerves were on fire like I was going on a first date. She was one of my best friends, and I was scared she was really just using the opportunity to confront me.

She was already there when I walked in. Same table we'd shared many times. She looked beautiful. I smiled and walked towards here, tears in my eyes. She stood up and wrapped her arms around me and whispered, "I missed you. I'm sorry." I hugged her harder, and kissed her, and tears ran down both our faces. Conversation came easily, just like it always had, and we were both laughing soon enough.

After overstaying our welcome, we went outside to say our goodbyes, and it was obvious neither of us wanted to leave the other. My place being closer, we made our way home, holding hands all the way there. She looked as beautiful as ever, and I couldn't take my eyes off her. Admittedly, I wanted my hands, lips, and tongue all over her as well.

Arriving here I took her coat and left her to go freshen up, then I did as well after pouring us both a glass of wine. There was good tension. Excitement. We were both humming with intentions. We sat and talked about our lost months for a while, and hands went from holding each others to wandering.

I was excited.
Turned on.
We kissed.Joss Stone Lesbian Kiss

We kissed slowly, mouths opening cautiously, exploring gently. She tasted wonderful. I wanted more. Hands wandered and found their way under our clothes. Clothes came off. Somehow we made our way upstairs and fell into bed.

Everything we did came so naturally. Our bodies moving together as we pinched, pulled, rubbed, caressed all the right places. Her breasts fit my hands perfecly, her nipples clamped between my fingers. I kissed her and wanted to be inside her.

Our cunts were grinding together, clit on clit. It was like an out of body experience. The high I felt from the pleasure was intense, and I couldn't stop myself. I was sucking her feet, licking her toes, wanting more and more.

Neither of us could stop. We ate each others' cunts, assholes, sucked our nipples raw. We laughed and cried. We moaned with pleasure and ecstasy.

I couldn't be happier that I made that phone call. Melissa has been one of my closest friends for years, and I don't see her not being a part of my life for a very long time.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


At risk of getting pissed off after a blissful night, I'm available on Yahoo! chat right now (10:45am EST): Bareback_grrl

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Friday, January 7, 2011

How often do you have sex in a typical week?

Depends on the week. Sometimes 3 or 4, sometimes 10.

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What do you do for a living?

That's something I choose not to make public information. I prefer to keep my sex life and business life quite separate.

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Stupid Cunt

Le sigh.

Oh the stupidity, and I am completely annoyed by it.

M met a woman a few weeks ago. He was vaguely interested in her, but she was a bit over-eager. The more I found out about her, the less I liked her, but she was from out of town, a place where M never travels, so paths were rarely going to cross anyway. Suddenly she decided she was taking a vacation and visiting relatives in NYC.

Allll kinds of alarms went off in my head.

I told M I felt like it was a bad idea to get together with her, but I wasn't asking him not to see her. At her insistence they made plans. And then the shitstorm exploded.

I'd been keeping an eye on her twitter (No, I don't follow her. I'm not that dumb.) and every other tweet was about getting her fuck on. She was about as subtle as a bullhorn. Something about her just sat all kinds of wrong in my head, and I asked M to call it off.

It's rare that either of us forbids a tryst, but I always trust my gut. There was something not right with this chick. M told her today the meet was off.

She went ballistic.

She told him she was only coming here because of him. She bought her tickets based on their meeting. She couldn't really afford the hotel she was staying in and had been planning to ask him for half. Klassy!

And now she's blowing up his cell phone and email bring a complete cunt.

Fucking psycho hosebeast. Which was it, you dumb cunt? Were you coming here and fucking M while you were here, or were you coming here only to fuck M? Either way, you're a dumb cunt with no class.

"When communicating with a snake, always remember that no truth can roll off his forked tongue." -Smiteful Sinner, via Twitter.